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EasyControl MDM helps businesses manage their Android,iOS mobile devices in all aspects.

Mobile Device Management Automated

Unlock the Unlimited Potential of Your Smart Devices

EasyControl is a standard mobile device management (MDM) solution that helps enterprises enhance data security and reduce management costs. It supports various devices across iOS and Android platforms, including smartphones, notebooks, tablets, smart TVs, handheld terminals, and more.

Comprehensive MDM Solution.

Mobile Device Management

We offer a user-friendly Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for various devices across different industries.which provide a seamless experience for upgrading your enterprise device management and securing your data.

Private App Management.

Application Management

Private app management supports both Google Play and enterprise app APKs. It offers app distribution capabilities, customizable time fencing, system authorization rule management, and a powerful single- or multi-app lock kiosk mode.

Remote Troubleshooting

Remote Service

Remotely monitor device logs to identify potential issues. Transfer files to and from the device for further analysis. Remotely view or control the device to pinpoint the problem and enable troubleshooting via Remote ADB.

Comprehensive over-the-air (OTA) solution.

OS Update Management

Experience effortless device management with our comprehensive over-the-air (OTA) solution, designed to streamline updates, enhance security, and optimize performance across your fleet of devices.

After-sales service.

Brand Manager

Our solution enables businesses to offer one-on-one customer support by integrating remote access, control, diagnostics, and device issue resolution capabilities. This reduces the costs of enterprises after-sales service.

Homegrown device lock solution.

Device Lock

Our strong, homegrown device lock solution helps lower rental risks. It has passed tough customer tests to make sure no one can tamper with it. You can set different lock settings and rules depending on the situation to make sure you get paid on time.


Why EasyControl is Widely Trusted

Simple to use solution.

Simple is the Best Principle

Our customer-centric approach ensures that our system is designed with your needs in mind. With deeply understand customer needs and achieve the most practical functions through the simplest and most intuitive operations. We believe simple is the best.


Diverse Selection of Devices

Whether you're running an enterprise device fleet with Android devices, iPhones, or any other devices running the Android system, we provide you with the ability to manage them all from the same place, with the same tools, at the same time.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified and GDPR compliant.

Enterprise Data Security

EasyControl delivers enterprise-grade security and compliance. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 , ISO 9001:2015 certified and GDPR compliant. Ensure the customer's data is safe with us.

Follow up on any problems.

Global Technical Support

Globally deployed servers provide data security services to any region. AI technology is used to quickly respond to system problems. Over 80% of the members are R&D personnel, who can provide quick and professional follow up on any problems.

Support Android Enterprise advanced and standard features.

Mature Landing Solutions

We are Google Validated EMM solutions Partner, and support Android Enterprise advanced and standard features. Our products and services cover more than 30 sub-industries, serving more than 1,500 partners and supporting more than 150 million terminal devices.

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